August 1, 2016
Martha's Vineyard

If you missed last week’s post, I rounded up all my outfits from Martha’s Vineyard and mentioned that I would do a more in depth post on the hotel itself and some of the restaurants and shops that surrounded it. The other week a few of my blogger gal-pals and I (Katie, Sydney + Carly) headed up north for a weekend of exploration and relaxation. Summercamp is a Lark Hotel nestled right is the middle of Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard. From the moment I walked in the front door, I knew this place was going to be easy to call home for the next few days. The hotel is designed as a nod to Oak Bluff’s history as a summer “camp” for the Methodist church. It reflects a rustic, retro and nostalgic touches that truly brings back your camp memories as a kid. My favorite feature in the lobby was the wall art of badmiton racquets place just above a bench. Every which way you turned you were intrigued by a piece of the interior. One of my favorite memories was waking up early, grabbing a cup of coffee from their coffee bar and sitting out on the porch watching the boats go by. You can’t get any of that in NYC!

While visiting, we were able to walk everywhere we wanted to go while in Oak Bluffs. The harbor was right outside the hotel door and loads of restaurants and bars lined the waterfront. We spent the majority of our days walking around the town (both Oak Bluffs and Edgartown), driving by the beaches and popping in and out of shops. You don’t have to rent a car on Martha’s Vineyard, a lot is walk-able and you can grab a taxi to get from town to town, but we decided to make things easier since there was a group of us girls and rented a Jeep Wrangler from a rental shop right next to our hotel called Sun N’ Fun. Martha’s Vineyard is such a great option whether you are traveling with a significant other, group of friends or family!

where to stay on marth'as vineyard

lark hotel summercamp

oak bluffs hotel

lark hotel martha's vineyard

coffee bar

new england decor, summercamp

summercamp martha's vineyard

lark hotel


new england hotel

summercamp hotel

summercamp martha's vineyard


oak bluffs harbor

martha's vineyard homes

gingerbread cottages

sand bar and grill, martha's vineyard

martha's vineyard homes

martha's vineyard ale house

lobster roll on martha's vineyard

gingerbread cottages martha's vineyard

backdoor donuts bakery, oak bluffs

backdoor donuts, apple fritter


best ice cream in edgartown

sun n fun jeep

20bynine restaurant martha's vineyard

20bynine restaurant

20byNine oak bluffs

Where we ate:

Offshore Ale Company – Just steps from where we were staying, we went here for lunch the day we arrived. Hungry and looking to eat outdoors we stumbled upon this place. I love craft beer and places that you can order a flight to sample a few different types. This is exactly what I needed paired with a enormous lobster roll as my first meal off the plane!

On the first night we opted to try 20byNine for dinner which was nestled just around the corner. They are known for their whiskey drinks and small plates which is what we all decided to indulge in. I love more than anything being able to try bites here and there of a variety of food, so if you are similar I would highly recommend this place. Also, I am not a whiskey drinker (I actually really hate it), but our waitress promised me I wouldn’t be disappointed. I figured I should pass on my typical glass of vino and try out one of their signature cocktails of the day and I am so happy I listened because it was delicious and didn’t taste like the typical whiskey I have tried before.

Backdoor Donuts – Thanks to you all we received an amazing amount of recommendations on places to try while in town. This one was sure to make it to the top of our list and as soon as I heard they were known for their apple fritter I was out the door. (Not kidding, pretty sure I got there around 7am). I grew up LOVING apple fritters and the one at Backdoor Donuts was delicious. The other girls were hooked after one bite and finally understood why I couldn’t stop talking about them.

The Seafood Shanty – Should I be embarrassed to say we ate lunch here twice?! But really, it was THAT good! From their lobster roll (huge chunks of lobster, just wasn’t crazy about the roll) to their fish tacos, both meals were fresh and wonderful. I am a seafood lover, so went I am in an environment where I know it will be fresh, it is about all I consume. This restaurant overlooks the water in Edgartown and is only a few blocks away form all the shopping.

Alchemy – After a busy day of shooting and exploring we all decided that for our last night we wanted to indulge in some really yummy cuisine. We had heard a lot about Alchemy in Edgartown and since we were already in that area we decided to give it a try. While on the pricier side, this food was incredible! No surprised here, we started off with the fried oysters to share and then I ordered the halibut for my main meal. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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