July 12, 2016

Table Talk Tuesday: Lets get techy!

So this post is a little bit different from the norm, but my hope is that you all find it a little bit helpful now or even down the line. I have never been one that is into gadgets, but lately I have been discovering fun items that make life easier and just overall better! When looking to purchase a product, especially one that falls into the “techy” department, I rely heavily on reviews and talking with others who have had some experience with the product. Today I am rounding up a few of my favorite must have products and explaining why.

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  • An extra long iPhone charger. Why oh why has this not been introduced into my life sooner?! I literally could kick myself because this baby has been a GAME CHANGER! I used to strain my head or sit in uncomfortable positions just to try and be on my phone while it is charging. It wasn’t until I went away with a friend that I used a 6ft charger and my life has  been changed. It’s the simple things, right? Apple has their own line which works great, but I love the color pallet of this particular one. And for all you crazy kids who may want to be in a different room then where your phone is charging, they even have a 10ft one! Don’t forget the wall charger if you need it, I use an old one from my phone and just replaced the cord and it works fine.
  • Fitbit Alta. It’s taken me a few years to hop on board with this trend, but finally I came around and asked for a Fitbit for my birthday. I have to admit, I am hooked and you probably have seen it in some of my instagram pictures lately because I usually forget I even have it on. The good thing is, they offer different straps where you can easily dress up your Fitbit or keep it more casual depending on the occasion. I love that it keeps me in check for the day and I realize how active I can be one day and how incredibly lazy I am the next! I find myself paying close attention to the steps and my personal daily goal and if I need to get up and moving I make myself take a break out of my day and do so.
  • SONOS Play 1 Smart Speaker. I have been on the market for a new speaker system that was compact for travel or keeping on display in our apartment as well as putting off a great sound. The other week while I was away in the Hamptons, the house we were staying at had this SONOS player. The sound that came out was awesome, the size was manageable for travel and it was simple to use. SONOS has an app you download so you can easily stream music by connecting whatever way you listen to music currently. For me this is through Spotify, but they have virtually everything. During the set up process it listens to the sounds in your home and creates the best tuning experience.
  • DSLR — Camera + Lens. A lot of you have reached out in regards to what type of camera I use to shoot with, so I thought it would be only appropriate to add it to this post. I have a Canon 6D (which has wifi) and rotate between two different lenses. For fashion photography I always use my 50mm f1.4 lens which is pretty affordable and such a great lens to blur your background and make the fashion the focal point. I also have a 35mm f1.4 lens which I use for travel photography and flat lays. You can stand closer to the subject and can also get a better landscape image.
  • And finally, not techy, but just for fun…games! Being away on vacation at the beach with Matt’s family, I wanted to bring some of my favorite games to play at the beach or while hanging out at the house. It is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together and enjoy a few good laughs. Matt and I brought two of our favorite games, Catch Phrase and Telestrations (they also have an After Dark version which is hysterical). I would love to hear of any games that may be on the newer side that you all love playing in a group setting!

Food for thought:

On another note, Shopbop is currently having a “Surprise Sale” with 25% off designer sale items! And Amazon (where a lot of the above products are from) is hosting their second annual “Prime Day“, featuring tons of deals for Prime members and new items being added every 5 minutes!

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