June 10, 2016

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved attending concerts year round. Anything from the latest top hits to traditional country music, I enjoy it all. Music truly is such a powerful thing and the atmosphere of a concert is always a fun one.

With attending most things in life, you think about and plan your outfit from head to toe in advance and dress for that particular occasion. While I might be in cutoff denim shorts and a tee for Lady Antebellum or a sundress for Adele, I always try and do something a little different with my hair.

I have teamed up with Pantene to share a few different concert hairstyle looks with hopes that one of them inspires you to try for your next concert you attend or even just a night out!

First things first, I always wash my hair the day or night before — not the day of. The saying goes that dirty hair holds better and is easier to style, so I try and stick to this rule of thumb.

But, with the summer heat in full force, you want to make sure you are constantly hydrating your hair to keep it looking healthy and soft. I have been using Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner to instantly hydrate my dry hair. It hugs each strand of hair as it wraps in moisture, leaving you with touchable hair. This step is so important, especially if you plan to head to a summer concert outdoors.

Once you have chosen your concert ‘do, always remember to add a bit of hairspray  to keep pieces intact and to last throughout the day/night. Pantene has an Airspay (yes, you heard me right), which is the first-ever aerosol alcohol-free hairspray! I love that it delivers a flexible hold, moisture and natural movement without a stiffness or stickiness. The scent is light and fresh and you don’t feel like you need to open a window when spraying it on your hair. There are three versions of this spray, and I think the Smooth Anti-Humidity Airpray would be perfect to use for a summer concert in the sun.

I have styled my hair three ways below and am going to share how you can easily achieve the same look. These three styles are my go-to and as you can see all have my hair away from my face, which I find easier to manage for a concert.

  1. Twist & Pin Loose Curls – Perfect for a gal who loves to wear her hair down. I apply Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner when washing my hair the night before. These two products lock in moisture allowing my loose curls to look fresh.  Use a larger barrel curling iron (I used a 1.5″) to create your curls. Then take two pieces of hair that frame each side of your face and gentle twist back and secure with a bobby pin.
  2. Braid & Fishtail – An easy style that will last all night. Use your natural part and choose one side to start your braid. I start by creating a traditional braid and then alternate to a fishtail and then back to traditional. This combination gives your braid more texture overall. I always make sure finish the braid with Pantene Airspray to make sure all pieces stay in place.
  3. Milkmaid Braids – The perfect solution for keeping hair totally out of the way, great for warmer weather concerts. All you have to do is make two braid pigtails, life them up towards the ceiling and pin them on top of one another. Make sure to apply Pantene Airspray to create a controlled finish to this style and for all day flexible hold.

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