March 1, 2016

Happy March! I am getting ready to head to Miami this weekend for one of my best girlfriend’s bachelorettes. This will actually be my first time spending a substantial amount of time in Miami and I’m so excited. But this week is SO hectic for me between work, blog stuff, and getting ready to leave on Thursday, so I’m keeping Table Talk Tuesday pretty simple and sharing a few fun facts about me, blogging, and answering some recent questions.  As always, keep the questions coming and I will do my best to answer them each week!

table talk tuesday

Who takes your blog photos?

Funny story (that I know I’ve shared before), but when I first started blogging, I would sneak up onto my apartment building’s unfinished roof, set up a tripod and take my blog photos. It definitely is super awkward to go on the streets of nyc to take pictures at first and I was mortified someone would see me! Now, I fully embrace it and can laugh when reminisce on my early days on the roof with a tripod- oh and I also had some interesting taste in clothes back then! So funny to look back and watch your style evolve. Matt lucky came to save the day and took over as photographer for awhile. Then, finally I started working with the ever so talented Christina who makes taking blog photos a breeze.

Favorite Mascara?

I am a mascara junkie! Utterly obsessed with this mascara, whenever I use it people always ask if those are my real eyelashes. It is hands down my favorite base coat and then I love this mascara to go on top.

What are your favorite budget friendly stores?

I love to mix high and low priced items. One of my all time favorite lace up tops is under $20 and I typically pair it with a more expensive pair of heels and bag. Don’t under estimate “cheaper” stores, you just need time and patience to really go through and select the right item. One of my favorite stores is Zara. Also huge fan of Joe Fresh – such a great selection of staple pieces at great prices. Also, if looking for a few designer pieces for a fraction of the cost, I have had great luck with 6pm, especially when it comes to purchasing Mara Hoffman!

A question for you: Any recommendations on how to contour?

One of my to-do list items is to learn how to contour. If any of you have recommendations on videos to watch or which make-up pallets work best I would love your input! I heard this one is popular (love her brow powder), but wanted your opinions before I made the purchase!

I have a spring wedding coming up, but not sure what to wear. What would you recommend that doesn’t break the bank?

An easy solution that my best friend got me hooked on (thanks, Jul!) is Rent the Runway. They have such a great selection for every budget and you don’t have to worry about wearing a dress once and then having it hang in your closet. If still looking to purchase, I love this super affordable maxi and all you need to add is a pair of statement earrings and strappy heels.

Guilty pleasures? 

Red wine (Pinot Noir, please) and candles! Just recently started collecting these candles and now there is no turning back. They smell incredible and the jars are cute enough to use to hold your make-up brushes or an arrangement of flowers. While they aren’t so cheap, I realize some things are worth investing in as you get older and go through life. My ultimate relaxation is coming home and having lights dimly lit and lighting a candle while lounging on the couch. Grandma status?…maybe, but I am ok with that!

Any sneaker recommendations?

Lately I have had a sneaker obsession. I just purchased these to add to my collection. Love the classic all white look.

 Best for last, Shopbop’s annual Spring Sale is too good! 

15% off $200 // 20% off $500 // 25% off $1,00 — Code: BIGEVENT15

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