March 29, 2016

Table Talk Tuesday: Best Of The Best.

I have had a bunch of questions in regards to my opinion on different things and what is the best out there. Through all my bog posts and social media content, I try my best to tell you guys about stuff that I truly believe in and am passionate about. With trial and error I have learned when to splurge on certain items and when to save. I am listing out a few of my most common questions below in regards to what is the best out there. If I missed anything you were curious about feel free to leave it in the comments section below and I will get back to you!

metro tote, mz wallace

Best practical bag?

I have to admit I am a bag junkie and always thought I found that perfect bag that worked for everything. It wasn’t until lately that I truly did discover “that bag”. It is by MZ Wallace and comes in three different sizes, but I prefer the large. It makes the best travel bag for trips, especially when flying and trying to just carry on, I can never fit everything I want in my suitcase, so this tote allows for so much extra carrying space. I have also used it for work and heading to the gym. I own it in the black color but also love this two tone.

distressed denim, affordable jeans

Best jeans?

This one may come as a surprise, but my absolute favorite jeans are under $100! They are the perfect amount of distressed and not overly “boyfriend” fit. I’ve dressed them up and dressed them down, and constantly am reaching for them out of my drawer and embarrassingly enough pulling out of the hamper if I haven’t had a chance to wash them yet, but want to wear them. For being under $100 I was concerned that they would stretch out and not fit well after a few wears. So far, they have held up great and endured the same wear and tear that any of my more expensive jeans have experienced. For sizing, they are true to size.

best t-shirt

Best basic tee?

I found my go-to tee about a year ago and I am fairly confident I own it in almost every color. Sometimes you can even find me buying in bulk because I am that worried it may one day go away. The perfect v-neck with a small pocket gives this tee the relaxed feel I love and is super comfy. I buy a size up (I am wearing a small) so it is slightly more oversized. Tucked into jeans, paired with a shirt you truly can’t beat the under $20 price point!

Best Place to shop online and receive product fast?

I just recently (I know, I know) discovered that if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can shop, order and get delivered anything off of SHOPBOP within 2 days! I happened to be shopping last minute for a trip a couple months ago and was ready to pay a premium for overnight shipping when I saw this option during checkout. I have used it a few times since then and have been so happy with the speedy results. SHOPBOP is one of my favorite online sites and often offers a better selection of items then running around NYC to a million different stores. I am heading to a conference in Dallas next week and of course have waiting until last minute to pick out my outfits. A few options I am thinking about are:

SHOPBOP and Amazon Prime

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