October 28, 2015

Over this past year I have done my fair share on researching products and discovering new items I truly fell in love with and can’t believe I only discovered just recently. I think a lot of the time and dedication put into looking for certain items came from getting wedding ready. Coming from a girl with such tangled hair it takes an army of people at the hair dresser to brush it out, my girlfriends recently told me about the Wet Brush that has quite literally saved my life. I now brush my hair in about twenty seconds after showering, instead of it being a ten minute escapade.

I thought it would be fun to round up a few of the items I can no longer live without and share them with you all in-case you wanted to give any a try! You may have heard me preach about some of these already via social media, but in-case you missed it or had trouble finding this should answer all questions!

top 10

Wet Brush – Detangles and combs through your hair in seconds. Kicking myself that I JUST discovered the magic of this brush after 28 years of knots.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – I started going to this spa for my last few facials leading up to the wedding. Their products are incredible and they always give you a million samples to try. Right before the wedding I was getting stressed and breaking out here and there. You put one dab of this liquid lotion on your breakout overnight and it dries it up almost instantly. You will be tempted to shake up the bottle because with most products that have this separation that is what you do, but DO NOT SHAKE, you simply dab your q-tip all the way down until it touches the pink sediment and then pull it out of the jar. I also love their Hydrating Serum, Collagen Moisturizer and Caviar Night Cream.

Lauren B Nail Polish – Working at a hospital my manicures typically last on average two days without chipping. I tried Lauren B for the first time at an event and it stayed on for almost two weeks without one chip. My favorite color is City of Angels

Bralettes – New obsession (small boob problems turned positive)! My girls HOOKED-IT-UP during my bachelorette party and I received so many new favorites to wear. For Love & Lemons (on sale) /  Free People / Kimichi (only $18) // Honeydew // Hanky Panky

Passport Cover – These just make traveling even more fun (and instagrammable)!

Dry Shampoo – While I have been using dry shampoo for years, this year I stumbled upon my favorite to date that runs about $5 and allows me to go (at times) three days without washing my hair and creates volume. Coming from a girl who’s hair starts to look greasy by the end of the day, this stuff is gold.

Yosi Samra Packable Flats – I love how these fold up and easily fit inside your bag. With walking all around the city these become my life saver.

Daily Planner – I am old school when it comes to staying organized and still love to write everything down and be able to cross things off. A larger size planner that still fits inside my bag has been my saving grace over the last few years.

Pajama Shorts – Invest in an extra cozy and comfortable pair of pajama shorts, it makes lounging and relaxing that much better.

Eye Mask – Best nvestment for flying. Matt and I love to travel, and typically to very far away places. I used to struggle with falling asleep on flights and between a glass of vino and a eye mask I have been able to sleep for hours.

Wet Brush // Mario Badescu Drying Lotion // Lauren B. Nail Polish // Bralette // Passport Cover // Dry Shampoo // Yosi Samra Packable Flats // Daily Planner // Pajama Shorts // Eye Mask (practical option/ cute option)

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