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When something unexpected happens it truly brightens your day, especially when it happens on a Friday! My mother-in-law was in town so Matt, Hadley, myself and MIL got up early on Friday and headed into Central Park on Matt’s way to work. As we are approaching the “mall” area we here what sounds to be like Green Day playing in the distance. Sure enough, as we got closer, we found out that they were kicking off the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series and it was AMAZING!

While we couldn’t get in (they didn’t allow dogs), we had so much fun listening to the music from a little bit of a distance. If you live in New York City, you are probably familiar with this series, but if you are visiting, I highly suggest you check it out! Every Friday throughout the summer new bands will be performing and the line-up is AMAZING (Florida-Georgia Line, The Chainsmokers, Lady Antebellum, etc.). While I believe the show usually starts around 8am, people begin to line up around 6am if trying to grab a good seat. The 6 am start sounds a little ambitious to me, but I’ll definitely be trying to get there by 8!

Anyways, just thought I would share that tid-bit of info with you all incase you are in the city over the next few months! I happened to be wearing one of my favorite rompers of the season (and the perfect way to stay cool and beat the heat) and had so much fun shooting it in the park while listing to Green Day play! I also wanted to share that one of the rompers you all loved when I posted is currently on sale at Bloomingdale’s for 40% off!

Floral print romper

hairstyles for medium length hair

half up top knot

cult gaia ark bag

GMA Summer Concert Series

pleated romper

Club Monaco

Romper // Sandals // Sunglasses // Bag // Earrings