Oh the world of Instagram and all its mystery! I personally have a love hate relationship with instagram, as I am always trying to get a better understanding of it and figuring out what does well and the why behind it. I have learnt that using an instagram growth service is always an option. One of the most common questions I get is how to grow your instagram and let me tell you there is no magic button, expect for patience, dedication and a few tips and tricks that I will list below. With patience and perservance you will be able to get more instagram followers.

It is important to do this organically but you could buy followers. Yes, I said it, buy followers. It is an option, but when it comes down to it, it becomes quite obvious who does this and I personally rather have an engaging audience that actually enjoys what I am putting out on my social media platform rather then a robot that gives me a “like”. However, I do realise that I will reach a point in the future where the number of followers I gain stalls. At this point I might go to because Buzzoid could be the catalyst for me gainer a much larger audience. So lets jump into it shall we? If I don’t answer a question you are thinking about, please leave in the comment section below. I also have been working on a “How to Take the Perfect Instagram” post which will hopefully be out in the near future, so stay tuned.

1. DSLR vs. iPhone – I go back and forth between the two, but when it comes down to it I try and use nice quality, DSLR photos for instagram when I can. It creates an overall beautiful and professional look which captures the eye. Ironically though, some of my most “liked” photos are candid shots, shot with my iPhone.

How to grow your instagram

Shot with a DSLR <trench // tee // denim // sunglasses>

Thea Nike Sneakers

Shot with an iPhone <denim // sneakers>

2. Edit your photos! My two favorite photo editing apps are VSCO and Snapseed. With VSCO, I love the F2 (set to #2 or #3) and T1 (set to #3), I typically use either of these as a base and then build from there. These setting are specific to the overall feel and mood I want to give my instagram feed. Snapseed is great for food shots and it allows you to change the overall image or only certain areas. In the photo below with the donuts, you can see I dragged the arrow over the pink donut to increase the saturation to that one only.


VSCO – F2 Setting


VSCO – T1 Setting


Snapseed – “Selective” Tool

3. ICONOSQUARE – Let this site be your best friend! There is a free trial period which I highly recommend trying out. It basically lets you do a deep dive into your instagram and audience to allow you to see what does the best and why. My favorite feature is the “Best Time to Post” graph. It tells you when your followers are the most active on instagram and the best time to post. The large grey circles in the graph below represent my best posting times.

To get to this graph: Sign in — Analytics (second tab on the top) — Optimization (5th down on left sidebar)


4. Use Hashtags! Now I am not saying go hashtag crazy and post 100, but definitely use appropriate hashtags for your photos, this will help brands and followers notice you when they are searching for something in particular. I typically add 3-4 hashtags in my first comment section and then add the rest in my second comment section below so then they eventually are hidden with other peoples comments and keeps my original comment cleaner looking.

hashtags for instagram


5. Don’t be afraid to try new content to generate buzz. If I discover a new restaurant or shop that is unique and I really enjoyed, I try and take a picture and share it on instagram. Not only do people (including myself) love hearing about new places, they are also inclined to tag and share with a friend or two. This means new eyes on your feed and possibly new followers! The two pictures below are two of my highest commented on images. Both different and unique in the way they generated buzz and discussion.


This tee drew conversation to all the dog lovers such as myself out there and wanting to share. Incase you didn’t know, 20% off profits are donated to animal shelters…win/win! (shirt runs small, size up)

grow your instagram

A pop-up Apres Ski restaurant in the middle of Manhattan had everyone chatting and wanting to check it out.

Finally, to end things off, I wanted to add in a few Q&A’s that you all sent in via Snapchat last night in regards to this post. As mentioned before, if you have any others please leave in the comments below!

How long did it take you to grow your instagram following? I started my blog about 2 years ago. Growth in the beginning was so slow I literally thought I would never even get to 100 followers. The more time, dedication and perseverance I put in as well as learning and utilizing some of the tools above, I started to see growth in numbers. The best way to grow is to get re-grammed by a brand, so make sure you at least tag them in your picture!

How many times would you recommend posting per day? If looking to grow and become visible and your audience won’t get overwhelmed with the posts, I would recommend posting 2-3 times a day IF and ONLY IF these posts are good quality content. Keep in mind the golden rule of quality over quantity.