2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-Everything You Need To Know
July 10, 2024

I want to start this post off by saying I know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale can be overwhelming and feel like a bit much on all fronts. Please do not feel like you need to buy the latest and greatest! I know we all can quickly get caught up on having the trendiest items and something new, but often you can find old pieces in your wardrobe and repurpose them in new and exciting ways. Or even just pick up a new pair of booties and style them over and over again with pieces you already own.


Covering this sale is fun for me as I love looking at what is coming for the next season (fall is by far my favorite time of year) and you all seem to find the try-ons and finds useful from what I have gathered. This post is packed with information as Nordstrom changed a few things in previous years and have actually made it much easier for everyone to shop from home, preview the sale and save things into your wishlist for a quick checkout (more on this below). If you have any specifics you are looking for coverage wise day of, please leave them in the comments below!

What is the Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the retailers largest yearly sale and one of my favorites to shop. Nordstrom will release the new Fall arrivals at heavily discounted prices from top brands like Madewell, AG Jeans, Vince, The North Face, Top Shop and more! Summer items are often included and a good time to snag a few pieces you may have had your eyes on. If you’re expecting, it’s also a great time to snag higher ticketed items like strollers and carseats on sale.

When is the Anniversary Sale?

All cardholders can begin shopping on July 11th followed by the sale being open to the public on July 15th. Depending on your Nordy Cardholder status you can shop as early as July 9th. The sale will end on August 4th with prices going back up on August 5th. Online shopping begins at 12:01am ET on the day you’re eligible to shop.

Definitely be sure to log-in and check what date you can shop. The past couple of years Nordstrom gave passes to select accounts to shop the sale early before public access began.

Sale Preview – Nordstrom now releases an online preview of the sale so you can save your favorites to a wish list for faster checkout once the sale begins. Create your wishlist now! Hot tip: if you can, set your alarm for 12:01am ET the day your tier opens up, transfer your wishlist to your shopping bag and checkout.

Not sure what your Nordy Club status is? Check it here!

How do I prepare for the Sale? What about the Nordstrom Credit Card?

If you’re a cardholder you’ll want to check your Nordy Club status first to see when you can begin shopping. If you are not a cardholder, but would like to become one, you can apply for a Nordstrom credit card here and begin using your card immediately upon approval. If you make a qualifying purchase with your credit card on the same day you’re approved, you’ll also receive a $40 bonus note that can be used during the sale. While having a Nordstrom card does have its benefits and grants you early access to shopping the sale, it’s not necessary to have one and would only apply if you find it fitting for your circumstances.

However, everyone is able to join the Nordy Club and I encourage you to do so even if you’re not interested in getting a Nordstrom credit card. It’s free to join and earn points no matter how you pay.

Cardholders can schedule a double rewards day to shop so that you earn double the points for your purchases that day.

Create a game plan!

I find is easiest to shop the sale when you go in with a game plan! Go through your closet and identify items your wardrobe may be missing or items you need to replace and make a list of things you need, items you want, and any potential gifts you may want to purchase for the holidays. You may also want to create a budget to help you stay on track while shopping.

Be sure to check back on the blog for sale updates, my sale picks and reviews. I’ll also be covering the sale on my IG account and posting content in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app. Don’t forget to add your favorites to your wishlist for quicker checkout.

What’s included in the sale?

There is so much included in the sale like designer clothing, shoes, beauty products, accessories, kids/baby items and even home goods. This is a great time to stock up on your basics like undergarments or plain t’s for layering, purchase new Fall weather clothes, or snag that handbag you’ve had your eyes on. In addition, the sale always includes great workout gear and tons of work appropriate attire.

I also try to cover items for men and children since I know so many of you, like myself, will be shopping for your families. Maybe I can wrangle Matt into his picks for a photo/try-on haul, ha!

Items tend to go quickly, so if there is something you really want I would purchase that first. Nordstrom offers free shipping so you don’t have to worry about multiple shipping fees. We’ve also been told that selecting express shipping can help ensure your order isn’t canceled. Restocks do occur, but not all items get restocked and influencers are not updated on any sort of restocks. If something you want is sold out, check back for restocks several times throughout the day. Inventory is always fluctuating as returns are made and added back to inventory.

These were a few of last years Nordstrom sale finds and best sellers. I always do try-on hauls and try to style pieces multiple ways.

In past years I’ve created a shopping guide based off the sale preview, then a Try-On Haul with everything I purchased, and a blog post of best sellers that were still in stock a few days before the sale ended. You can also check out previous year sale coverage here, here, here, and here for a better idea as to what is typically included in the sale.

Quick Tips!

  • Create your wishlist now! Once your tier opens up, transfer your wishlist to your shopping bag and checkout.
  • set your alarm for 12:01am ET the day your tier opens up, checkout, then go back to sleep, ha!
  • Items go quickly- so if there is something you really want, I would purchase that first and selecting quicker shipping can also help ensure your order is completed.
  • If you’re unsure of a size, purchase 2 sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit. (Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns)
  • If something you want is sold out, check back for restocks several times throughout the day. Inventory is always fluctuating as returns are made and added back to inventory.
  • Follow me on IG and LTK for sale updates and exclusive content.
  • The sale ends August 4th and prices go up August 5th.
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