Skincare + Beauty Products I Have been Using While Pregnant
January 8, 2019
pregnancy safe skincare

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your feedback on the types of posts you all want to see in 2019! To my surprise, there were SO many baby/pregnancy/maternity types of posts requested and pregnancy safe skincare was one of the highest requested, so I wanted to jump right in. Now that I am 26 weeks into this pregnancy (where has time gone?!), I think I have a good grasp of what I truly love out of the products I have tested and tried. It can be overwhelming at first, researching which you can and can’t use, reading labels on products you already have, etc., so if you have any additional questions please let me know in the comments below!

Preventing Stretch Marks:

Hatch Belly Oil – I LOVE this stuff! I have been a big “body oil” person for awhile since I ditched lotion post shower and swapped in coconut oil (which I continue to use). This is a dry oil and absorbs quickly into your skin, I use morning and night all over my belly, hips, butt and inner thighs. So far so good on the stretch mark front, but I will keep you posted! I have also heard that it can be genetic and my mom never had stretch marks so I could be lucky taking after her, we shall see. I also drink a TON of water (this YETI tumbler and straw/lid has been a life saver) and have really kept my diet similar to what it was pre baby.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter – This cream I have been taking with me when traveling (I find the Hatch Belly Oil can get a little messy to pack and is in a glass bottle) and it is the perfect size and works like a charm. It is a cream versus an oil, so just needs a little extra rubbing in. The container is a perfect size and I have already gone through one and a half of these with all our trips and weekends away lately.

Face Skincare Routine:

Drunk Elephant – Even before I found out we were expecting, I started using a lot of products from the Drunk Elephant line in conjunction with my Tula favorites. When we we started seeing our fertility doctor I wanted to try everything possible to up our chances of getting pregnant and at that point stopped using some of my go-to Tula products that had retinol (I list out all the pregnancy safe options in this post and my code for 20% off your Tula order is still: KENDALL) and switched over to some Drunk Elephant (avoiding their Baby Facial which is the only thing not pregnancy safe as well as their new retinol cream). Currently in my morning and night rotation are:

  • Hydration Serum – I apply this first this in the morning as my bottom layer as well as at night before bed. My skin has been so dry lately, so I swap between this and Tula’s Oil-free Gel Cream.
  • C-Firma Day Serum – Next up is this daytime serum, one of my favorite Drunk Elephant options and highly recommend!
  • Multivitamin Eye-Cream – A little bit goes a long way, gently apply with your finger under your eyes.
  • Polypeptide Cream – When I had to stop using Tula’s Day + Night Cream, this quickly became my next favorite! In addition to the Day Serum, if only investing in a few Drunk Elephant products I would highly recommend this one. At night, I add two drops of their Facial Oil and mix with this cream before applying all over my face and neck. Side-note: I would add the oil in the morning as well, except I add two drops of another oil to my CC Cream and mix before applying, so no need to double up during the day.
  • Jelly Cleanser – For the longest time I was washing my face in the morning and at night and then read that you really only should cleanse at night, who knew?! This cleanser works amazing and just as well as the Tula one I love and it even gets all that stubborn mascara off your lashes.
  • Night Serum – The same way I use the Day Serum, I swap out for this one at night.

I know skincare can get expensive and I am with all of you who are always hesitant to dump a ton of money into an entire line. I typically will start with one or two products from a new line, test them out and then continue to add if I like the results. Another option I always recommend is that a bunch of skincare brands offer travel size collections. I find it to be a great way to test out a bunch of products and get an overall feel for the brand and if it is something you want to start investing in!

Face Masks:

I am not going to lie, this one has been tricky and so many of my favorites to use have been put on hold until this little babe arrives! I have been using two products though that I find are better than nothing. If you know of any great pregnancy safe face masks, please send them my way in the comments below! Also, you can use my code: KENDALL for 20% off these items as well as anything on Tula’s site.

  • Tula Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask – You apply this mask more like a lotion, it is a thin, lightweight layer that goes all over your face and neck. It mainly helps combat any dryness you are facing (which is a lot for me with this weather lately). After 10 minutes you use a damp washcloth and wipe it off. It isn’t the same gratifying feeling as peeling off a mask, but it does work to replenish your dry skin!
  • Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads – While this product isn’t necessarily a mask, it does give you that clean, freshly scrubbed feeling after use which I love. Apply one side with the serum all over your face and then you flip the pad over and gently scrub with the other side. It gives you baby soft, smooth and brighter looking skin.


Kopari – I actually have been using this deodorant for 2+ years now. I decided awhile back to make the switch to a natural deodorant and after A LOT of trial and error I truly love this brand. It goes on clear, smells great and I find it to work all day long.

Hair Care:

Briogeo – To to be honest, I debated switching out these products for a bit, but then decided why the heck not, I should try and “clean up” as much beauty/skincare products as possible. I had been using more natural shampoo/conditioner for awhile, but ones at a more cost effective price point, but once I got pregnant I decided it was time to try out this line and invest. I have only tried their shampoo, conditioner and hair mask so far, but truly love each product and they smell AMAZING! If you are going to skip out on one thing, make it the hair mask. While I love it, I find it frustrating; it suggests leaving it on for 10 minutes, so at that point I need to get out of the shower, find something to do for 10 minutes and then jump back in the shower and finish up. I typically like hair masks that are about 5 minutes because I can shave my legs, etc. during that time without having to get out of the shower.

Nail Polish + Maincure/Pedicures:

I forgot to add this is to my original post and then had this question yesterday. I still paint my nails and use Essie Gel (goes on and comes off like regular nail polish, just lasts close to two weeks) or their regular line which are both pregnancy safe. My go-to color that is always on my nails is my absolute favorite neutral, Fairy Tailor. As for manicures and pedicures in a salon, yes…I still go! I just try and go at an off time so there aren’t a lot of fumes. I did however avoid all this during my first trimester because I was so nervous about EVERYTHING.


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