Christmas in NYC

To be honest, when I first moved to NYC almost 10 years ago, I wasn’t sure how exactly to prepare for the winter months and walking outside so much. Not having the convenience of a car is definitely an adjustment. I know it sounds silly, but I feel like I had to prepare for the worst and learn what investment pieces to splurge on to make being outside the most enjoyable. There is so much to see and do, especially during the winter, I wanted to be comfortable and enjoy those outdoor activities without having to run inside the nearest store or coffee shop.

Needless to say, during my first winter here, I am pretty sure I saw about 90% of the NYC population walking around in Canada Goose jackets. While at first I was hesitant to jump on that bandwagon, after a little but of research, I quickly realized the investment is well worth it! Nordstrom carries a variety of Canada Goose products, all which guarantee warmth and comfort throughout the winter months. The Kensington Slim Fit Down Parka is my personal favorite, with the Shelburne being a runner up!

The holidays are right around the corner, so if you still are looking for a practical item to add to your list, this could be your answer. Even if you don’t live in a city or somewhere chilly, Canada Goose makes great pieces for any winter travel, especially skiing or being in the mountains. Matt and I are considering a trip to Quebec City this winter and between the below zero temps and wind chill I know this coat will be coming along and these gloves are on my Christmas list…hint hint, Matt!

Rockefeller Christmas Tree


NYC Christmas

Canada Goose Jacket


Styled Snapshots

Canada Goose

Christmas in New York

New York City Rockefeller Christmas

Canada Goose Jacket // Hoodie, old (love this) // Denim // Sneaks


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